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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is scheduled to meet on the first Thursday of each month at 5:00pm at Smyrna City Hall, 315 South Lowry Street.

Planning_Commission_Agenda 2019-08-01 


August 1, 2019    Smyrna Town Hall
5:00 p.m. meeting


1.   Call to Order

2.   Prayer
      Pledge of Allegiance
3.   Citizens’ Comments: None at this time

4.   Approval of Minutes of the July 2, 2019 meeting

5.    Old Business:   

     a. Site Plan:         

          1.  Marriott Hotel
               411 Potomac Place
               Owner: Assembly of God Church
               Developer:  Skyline Hospitality, LLC
6.    New Business:   

     a. Rezoning Requests:       

          1.  Jackie Hiett  **ITEM WITHDRAWN**
               200 Weakley Lane
               Rezoning I-1 to I-2

          2.  FS Smyrna, LLC
               1021 Sgt. Asbury Hawn Way
               Rezoning C-2 to PCD

           3.  Robert Latimer/Southside
                655-673 S. Lowry Street
                Rezoning C-2 with LSO to PRD with LSO

           4.  Jerry Butler/Bankside
                Bankside Drive
                Rezoning R-3 to PRD

           5.  Land Solutions/Westover
                8916 Rocky Fork Almaville Road
                Rezoning R-3 to PRD

           6.  Andrew Steffens
                S. Lowry Street /Lane Property
                Rezoning PCD with LSO and H-1 to PRD with LSO and H-1

     b. Height Overlay Request:       

           1.  Jarratt Bell /Marriott Hotel
                411 Potomac Place
                Owner: Jarratt Bell
                Developer:  Skyline Hospitality, LLC

     c. Preliminary Plats:

          1.  Altavista Subdivision
               Baker Road
               Owner/Developer: RHB, LLC

           2.  Cedar Hills, Phase III
                Morton Road
                Owner/Developer: Cedar Hills Holding, LP

           3.  Cedar Hills, Phase IV
                Morton Road
                Owner/Developer: Cedar Hills Holding, LP

            4.  Wood Pointe, Section I
                 Maple Creek Drive
                 Owner/Developer: Terry Rasmussen / BRS Development

            5.  Cornerstone, Section I
                 West Jefferson Pike & I-840
                 Owner/Developer: Southern Rock Manufacturers, LLC

     d. Site Plans:   

             1.  Cornerstone at Smyrna, Lot 1  
                  West Jefferson Pike & I-840
                  Owner/Developer: Southern Rock Manufacturers, LLC   

             2.  Ashley Grove Apartments
                  417 Enon Springs Road, East
                  Owner/Developer: Ashley Grove, LLC
             3.  Cedar Creek Townhomes
                  Rocky Fork Road
                  Owner/Developer: Alcorn Properties, LLC

             4.   Home Depot Subdivision Lots 5 & 8
                   851 Isabella Lane
                   Owner/Developer: Interstate Partners

             5.   Rock Springs Plaza, Phase II
                   Jim Parker and Rock Springs Road
                   Owner/Developer: JRPS, LLC

             6.   Storage Nation of Smyrna
                   300 Wolverine Trail
                   Owner/Developer: Storage Nation

7.    Zoning Ordinance Amendments:

     a.    Section 3.100 Accessory Use Regulations   
     b.    Article II, Section 2.020 Alternative Financial Services definition

8.  Mandatory Referral:

    a. Olive Branch Sewer Project Easements

9.  August Bond Review Report

10. Staff comments and/or other business

11. Adjournment


Town of Smyrna
315 South Lowry Street
Smyrna, TN 37167
(615) 459-9742  ext. 2137