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AMNESTY DAY: August 29th

An official pardon for individuals with outstanding Drivers License warrants

Post Date:07/13/2018
Amnesty Day
Smyrna General Sessions is offering an official pardon  for individuals with outstanding Drivers License warrants  
August 29th at 9am


If your license is currently suspended, cancelled or revoked due to unpaid court costs only, per the Federal Court order issued July 2, 2018, your license should be reinstated. If you believe your license should be reinstated, you need to contact the Department of Safety’s reinstate center at 1-866-903-7357. You will still need to appear in court with a valid license to have your Failure to Appear/Capias settled.

Court records reflect you may still have an active warrant for Failure to Appear/Capias on a Driving Charge (Driving on Suspended, Cancelled, or Revoked license) for Smyrna General Sessions Court.

You know you did not appear in court, and would like to appear in court  to be placed on the docket.

Make contact with the  Judicial Office by August 17, 2018 to be placed on the August 29, 2018 court date at 9am.

Go to, If you are unaware of what you need to do, enter your information, and click on the reinstate requirement tab to see what is needed for a valid license.

If your license is suspended, cancelled or revoked due to unpaid Smyrna Court Costs or Traffic Citations, please contact the Smyrna Clerk’s office at (615) 355-5739 and request to speak to the Amnesty Representative.

If you do not appear on the amnesty day, the Failure to Appear/Capias will remain in place. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Judicial Office (615) 355-5854.

If you currently have a valid license, or are able to get a valid license prior to that court date, you may take it to the Smyrna Court Clerk’s office to pay your court costs and dismissal fees and have the Failure to Appear/Capias recalled.