Packaged Liquor Board

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The Packaged Liquor Board regulates the selling, storing for sale, distributing for sale and manufacturing of retail sales of packaged liquor within the corporate limits of the Town of Smyrna. This Board makes and establishes reasonable bylaws, rules and regulations as may be necessary for the full execution of their duties and may issue or deny a certificate of compliance for purposes of compliance with the rules and regulations to sell packaged liquor as provided by the laws of the State of Tennessee.

Additionally, this Board has the authority to recommend to the town notices of violations of state and local law be forwarded to the TABC for further investigation and action. The Board is composed of five (5) members who are residents of the Town of Smyrna and are appointed by a majority vote of the Town Council. The term of service is 4 years.

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Term Expires
 Rhett Kimble
 Thomas Bucher
 Douglas Brown
 Daniel Newbern
 Daniel Akpan


Staff Contact

Dianne Waldron, Town Clerk
315 South Lowry Street
Smyrna, TN 37167
(615) 459-9742 ext. 2153