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  • Am I required to obtain a permit to build a concrete or asphalt driveway?

  • Are sign permits required?

  • Can I park on my grass?

  • Do I need a permit for a Pool?

  • Do I need a permit to burn trash?

  • How do I know if l'm dealing with a reputable contractor?

  • How long is a building permit valid?

  • How much will a permit cost?

  • Is a business license required to obtain a permit?

  • Is a permit required to build a concrete or asphalt driveway?

  • What about my neighborhood restrictive covenants?

  • What are Drainage and Utility Easements?

  • What constitutes a "trashy lot" and "junk" cars?

  • What does the Codes Department do?

  • What is a Site Plan? Is one required to obtain a Permit?

  • What's the penalty for failing to obtain the proper permit?

  • When do I need a building permit?

  • When is a building permit not required?

  • Where / When can I get a permit?

  • Where can I buy a code book?

  • Where can I put up a fence?

  • Where can I put up yard sale signs?

  • Why do I need a permit to build or remodel my own house / property?