Fire/Safety Inspections

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Fire and Life Safety Inspections (based on the 2012 International Fire Code) are performed in an attempt to provide a safe environment for the citizens, employees and visitors of the Town of Smyrna. Each non-residential location is visited by an inspector approximately once a year to determine if there are any fire or life safety dangers. The intent is to PREVENT personal injury and property damage.

Typical items that are checked on a Fire/Life Safety Inspection are:

  • Fire Extinguishers in appropriate locations
  • Pathways to the exit of the building
  • Proper storage of combustible materials
To see an example of a Fire/Life Safety inspection checklist click here.
Fire Safety Plan Submittal Requirements

If you have any questions about Fire and Life Safety Inspections please contact:
Steve Dawson (615) 355-5704 ext. 2178