General Information

*If you wish to report construction that is occurring outside of these hours, please call 615-459-6644.

Construction Debris:
It is permissible to burn construction debris if it is done so in compliance with Smyrna Fire Department requirements.  In addition, we ask that you be considerate to surrounding residents, taking into consideration the time, location, and weather when burning.


Information & FAQ

Building Codes: How They Will Help You
635634924893470000The regulation of building construction is not a recent phenomenon. It can be traced through recorded history for more than 4,000 years. Through time, people have become increasingly aware of ways to avoid the catastrophic consequences of building-construction failures. Read More...
The Benefit of Building Permits
B635634918431300000y reading this information you’ve already taken the first step toward increasing the resilience and investment value of your construction project and guarding against a lawsuit or injury. The following information describes simple steps you can take to obtain a building permit and how permits can work for you. You’ll be surprised at how easy the whole
process is. Read on to discover the “Benefits of Building Permits.” 
Safe Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs Save Lives
635634918438330000Pools and spas are great for play, exercise and therapy. However, an alarming number of water related deaths and injuries occur in and around pools each year. Properly following building safety codes , such as the International Code Council’s International Swimming Pool and Spa Code™, can help prevent such tragedies and ensure family and friends have a safer, more enjoyable experience when using pools, spas and hot tubs. Read More... 
Mold: Tips on Prevention and Control
635634918436670000Mold is caused when microscopic, airborne spores land on moist surfaces and spread rapidly. Molds can have useful purposes. Life-saving penicillin is derived from mold. Many foods, such as blue cheese, require mold as part of their manufacturing process. And as owners of compost piles know, mold plays an important role in the cycle of nature,
helping to break down organic materials.
Flood Cleanup: Safety and Salvaging
635634918434730000During times of melting-snow runoff and torrential rains, rivers and streams overflow their banks causing water to cover the surrounding land. Added to this already-contaminated water are the remains of damaged and destroyed homes,
industries, automobiles, and waste material. Before entering an area to begin cleanup efforts, check for downed electrical wires, floating propane tanks, and exposed gas mains. Remember to check the structural safety of damaged buildings before entering. Read More...