Staff Directory

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General Sessions Court ClerkCourts(615) 355-5739
Judicial OfficeCourts
Traffic Court ClerkCourts(615) 355-5732
Traffic SchoolCourts(615) 355-5732
Alexander, LynnTown JudgeCourts(615) 355-5854
Anderson, ScottDeputy Court ClerkCourts
Arnold, CarminJudicial CommissionerCourts(615) 355-5854
Barrett, KristinaDeputy Court ClerkCourts
Brewer, LisaDeputy Court ClerkCourts
Dover, BrandiJudicial AssistantCourts(615) 355-5854
Lowe, LauraDeputy Court ClerkCourts
Rabideau, JaneenDeputy Court ClerkCourts
Secrest, MaggieAdministrative AssistantCourts(615) 355-5854
Shipp, ZhayJudicial ClerkCourts(615) 355-5854
Stevens, BrittanyCourt ClerkCourts
Wilhoite, JamesCourt LiaisonCourts(615) 267-5152