Traffic Court and Traffic School


  • Credit Card
    •  At the Court Clerk’s service window or over the phone at 615-355-5732.
    • Pay online HERE
    • All credit/debit cards are subject to a processing fee and/or convenience fee assessed by the vendor.
  • Cash
    •  At the Court Clerk’s Office service window. Please DO NOT mail cash.
  • Check
    • NO personal checks are accepted. Business or Cashier Checks are acceptable. Please make checks payable to "Smyrna Municipal Court".
  • Money Order
    • Make payable to "Smyrna Municipal Court". Please include the citation number on the note section.
If you are mailing a payment, please include your name and citation number legibly on the Check or Money Order. If you would like a receipt, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope so we can mail the receipt back.
 Citation Sample Feb2022 red - Copy

638155262159400000SETTLE A CITATION:

  • You MUST contact the Smyrna Municipal Court Clerk’s Office by the compliance date on the citation to:
    • Pay the Forfeiture
      • Paying the forfeiture will have the same force and effect as a GUILTY judgment before the court. Points may be assessed to your driver’s license.
    • Register for Traffic School
      • To be eligible for Traffic School, you must hold a REGULAR driver’s license (Commercial license holders are not eligible for Traffic School) and cannot have taken Traffic School anywhere in the State of Tennessee in the past 12 month period. Only moving violations are eligible for traffic school.
      • Costs of Traffic School:
      •  If Smyrna Citation: $160.00 (includes $75 dismissal fee and $85 traffic school tuition)
      • Citation from a city/town other than Smyrna: $95.00 (tuition fee)
      • You may sign up for our traffic school in person or over the phone. Full payment is expected at the time you sign up. Available dates and times of class will be given at the time you sign up.
      • If you want to take traffic school for a Smyrna citation at another location, you must have the original certificate of completion submitted to the Court Clerk’s Office by the compliance date on the citation and a dismissal fee of $75 is due at that time. The class MUST be a 4-hour in-person State of Tennessee Certified Class and can be taken anywhere in the State of Tennessee. No class taken prior to the issuance date of the citation will be accepted.
    • Be granted a Continuance
      • There is a $35.00 continuance fee assessed for all continuances (4 weeks).
      • A citation may only be continued a maximum of two (2) times (8 weeks total).
    • Contest the citation
      • You have the right to contest the citation. A contested form will need to be filled out and returned to the Court Clerk’s Office by the compliance date. This form can be filled out in person or HERE (using our online form). If you use our online form , you MUST contact the Court Clerk's Office to obtain your court date.
      • You will be added to a contested docket and will need to appear on the day of court that has been assigned. There will be a $35 continuance fee added when contesting the citation. If you appear at your assigned court date to contest the citation, the $35 fee will be removed. If you decide to no longer contest the citation, the $35 fee will remain. All fines, costs, taxes, and any other fees assessed are expected to be paid at the time of court. There may be additional fees if more time is requested.
    • Non-moving Violations
    • If you have a non-moving violation that requires compliance (such as insurance, registration, light violation, window tint, or driver’s license, etc.) please contact the Smyrna Court Clerk’s Office about dismissal upon proof of compliance (if applicable). There is a fee associated with most dismissals.
  • Failure to comply with the citation by the compliance date will result in a “Failure to Pay” status. This will add late penalties, fines, taxes, and/or fees on to the original cost of the citation. This status will place a hold and start the suspension process on your driver’s license and will not be released until the citation is settled and release forms are given to the Department of Safety. You are responsible for submitting the release forms to the Department of Safety.
  • Juveniles who have received a citation are required to appear in court with a parent or guardian on the assigned court date printed on the citation. (Even if you turned 18 before the court date...)
  • Juvenile citations are not always the same cost as printed on the citation. The court costs depend on the judgment entered.
  • Complete payment of the citation is expected on the day of court. If citation is not paid in full on the court date, a payment plan will be available.
  • If a Juvenile is placed on a retirement, they are expected to maintain good and lawful conduct throughout the retirement period. If they are cited again or arrested, they will have to return to the retirement review court date.
State and Federal Regulations: