Bid Opportunities

The Town of Smyrna's Finance Department is dedicated to the principles of competition and fairness, as well as ensuring that Town of Smyrna taxpayers receive the best value for every expenditure. Determining factors for a bid include: price, service, past history, delivery time and any other factors that may be relevant to the circumstances. The final determining factor in award of a bid will be what is in the best interest for the Town of Smyrna.

We encourage all qualified vendors to participate in doing business with the Town of Smyrna.

The Town of Smyrna is currently seeking bids or proposals for the following goods or services. Click on the service sought, for a more detailed description. The Town of Smyrna welcomes all qualified bidders. For additional information, specifications, or assistance, please email Beth Morris.
Unless otherwise specified, all bids should be mailed or hand delivered to:
Rex Gaither, Purchasing Agent
Town of Smyrna. 
315 South Lowry Street
Smyrna, TN 37167-3416
** Please note: The Town of Smyrna is in the Central Time zone. All times listed above are local time in Smyrna, Tennessee.
Active bids, if any will be listed immediately below. Otherwise, "No results found." will be displayed.

It is the intent of the Town of Smyrna Finance Department to promote an open, free market competition when soliciting bids and/or proposals for the purpose of public procurement. Submitted bids shall be given fair and equal consideration and are uniformly solicited, evaluated and awarded on a non-discriminatory basis. The Town of Smyrna voluntarily complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
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