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Lecture Hall
This lecture hall is a great space to rent for group meetings, adult parties, or even join us for a seminar during your lunch or one afternoon.  
The lecture hall has some of the best technology, privacy, and space for many groups to come enjoy and learn.

Adventure Zone
Get ready to climb with us in our climbing room.
In the adventure zone we have two spaces, one for adults and one for kids, but most importantly, fun for all! 
On the adult side of the gym, we have ten automatic belay systems where you will be able to clip in to one of our harnesses provided and climb a route of your choice. Some walls are easy, and some are more advanced, so you better choose wisely! 
On the kids side, ages 5-12 will get to climb up a cargo net, to experience a playground in the air. Then when they are done, they will slide down a great big slide!
For our guests younger than five years old, we offer a host of manipulatives to experience.
All the supplies you will need to climb will be provided and inspected regularly, and we will always have two staff members monitoring these spaces because your safety is our number one priority.

Exhibit Hall
Our large main room is an ever changing exhibit hall.  This space will feature different exhibits that all will enjoy and leave them curious to see what is around each corner. 

This space is unique in the fact that its walls are the original flooring from the Smyrna Town Center racket ball courts. On these we will display different pieces of art to show culture, history, and the great times throughout the history of Smyrna.

Gift Shop
The gift shop gives you a chance to take home a little of what you experienced while at the SOAC, but also may provide what you will need for your next adventure within the Smyrna Parks.

SOAC programs are geared toward bringing people inside to enjoy the activities, yet also getting them outside to experience any of the parks within the Smyrna Parks System.

  • summer camps
  • family fun nights
  • parties
  • small events
  • senior programs
  • homeschool
  • physical education
  • preschool
  • guided hikes
  • lectures/speakers
  • guided canoe/kayak trips
  • after school programs
  • school field trips

These are just some of the programs that you may find being hosted at the Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center throughout the year.