Carnival Checklist

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Town of Smyrna Carnival Checklist

Before the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) can consider a request for a carnival, the following minimum items should be demonstrated:

Site Plan: Site plan should show:

  • That the carnival and all associated vehicles/rides/structures meet the minimum building setbacks.  

   Front Side
 C-2  35 15
 I-1  30  20  25
 I-2  60  30  30

  • A surface of:  pavement, concrete, or smooth gravel.
  • Number and location of portable toilets.  (minimum of 4) 
  • Written consent from property owner; showing description of carnival, dates of carnival, and owner’s signature. 
  • Ride safety certification.  Provide current certification from State of TN that all rides have been inspected and safe for use.

Proof of insurance from:

  • The carnival operator, AND
  • Property owner

 The BZA may also require other items that could include:

  • Traffic control measures
  • Hours of operation
  • Other