The Criminal Investigations Division is an integral part of the Smyrna Police Department and the services we provide to the citizens of our Town. The division currently consists of 13 detectives and investigators who have a combined service of 232 years. It is staffed 6 days a week, has two shifts, and is available on-call 24 hours a day, year round.  The division has both “General” and “Narcotics” units. Both units work in concert together, but have separate primary responsibilities.  Every crime report filed in the Town of Smyrna is reviewed and evaluated for assignment to an investigator.   The division is  supervised by Lieutenant Jeff Duke.

The General Detective Unit investigates crimes that range from the most serious, homicide, to property thefts. Within the unit there are detectives who specialize in the investigation of family violence, sex crimes, child abuse, and sex offender registration and monitoring. There are also employees who have specialized training for operating data collection systems that process electronic devices, crime scenes, and ballistics, which are  utilized by the department for criminal investigations.  We have personnel trained in the use of the NIBN system that have collected and analyzed multiple shell casings for ballistic evaluation,  generating several leads involving firearms that have been used in our jurisdiction and other surrounding jurisdictions. The unit is supervised by Sergeant Clete Elstran.

The Narcotics Unit investigates all drug related cases submitted to the division.  Members of the unit also work closely with local task force groups and other agencies. The unit is supervised by Sergeant Allan Nabours.

The Criminal Investigations Division also manages the Crime Scene Investigations personnel  (CSI). The CSI is made up of officers who are normally assigned to the Patrol Division, but are specially trained to process crime scenes and evidence. There are currently 9 officers assigned to CSI. They respond to and process scenes above and beyond the normal patrol assignment.  The Smyrna Police Department utilizes a number of technologies including a laser scanner for crime scene documentation. We have a number of current and past employees who have attended the National Forensics Academy (NFA)

In addition to criminal investigations the division also completes comprehensive background investigations for all employees who are selected from the pre-employment process.

CID Originizational Chart

First Name Last Name Position Phone
Jason Anderson Detective (615) 267-5433
Kate Armstrong Detective (615) 267-5012
Jeff Duke Lieutenant (615) 267-5016
Clete Elstran Sergeant (615) 267-5451
Marcy Gossett Detective (615) 267-5002
Stephen Hannah Detective (615) 267-5146
Toni Harris Detective (615) 267-5445
Steve Martin Detective (615) 267-5432
Robert Monroe Detective (615) 267-5455
Allan Nabours Sergeant (615) 267-5434
Andrew Schaefer Detective (615) 267-5048