The Uniform/Patrol Division is the largest division of the Smyrna Police Department.  It provides the community with a range of professional police services in a fast paced, dynamic environment. The Patrol Division of the Smyrna Police Department currently consists of 67 sworn officers who are assigned to one of three, ten hour shifts in order to provide around the clock service.  The Town is divided into three geographical areas of responsibility or “districts”.  Each district is further divided into “patrol zones'' to allow for better coverage and to decrease response time to calls for service by the officer assigned to patrol that particular area of responsibility.

Patrol Officers respond to radio dispatched calls for service, as well as self-initiated activities.  During the course of their duties officers intervene in and investigate citizen complaints, conduct preliminary investigations, provide for the protection and preservation of crime scenes, collect evidence, interview witnesses, victims and suspects, complete detailed reports, conduct follow up investigations, conduct proactive patrols, make arrests based on probable cause or an active warrant, conduct traffic enforcement and accident investigation as well as  facilitate problem solving efforts with members of the community.

Officers within the patrol division volunteer and/or are selected to receive additional specialized training to insure that we are able to effectively meet the wide range of ever changing needs within our agency and our community.  Examples of special training received include; SWAT, Crisis Negotiations, Sniper, K-9, Crisis Intervention Training, Traffic Reconstruction/Fatality Crash Investigations, Crime Scene Investigations, Firearms Instructor, Armorer, Community Services and Field Training Officer.
Patrol Originizational Chart