Investigations Unit

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Criminal Investigations Divisions  

The Smyrna Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of general detectives, narcotics detectives and crime scene investigators.  All investigations begin with an initial police report, and all filed reports are reviewed to determine potential case assignment with a detective.  Detectives can be reached at Direct Dial or at their Extensions-Dial (615) 459-9742, then dial the extension. Click on the email address to send an email.
Detective Lt. Jeff Duke (615) 267-5016
NITV-Certified Voice Stress Examiner
E-mail Jeff Duke

Detective Sgt. John Liehr (615) 267-5013
E-mail John Liehr
Detective James Scott (615) 267-5014
E-mail James Scott
Detective Stephen Hannah (615) 267-5416
E-mail Stephen Hannah

Detective Sgt. Clete Elstran Ext.7451
E-mail Clete Elstran

Detective Jason Anderson Ext.7433
E-mail Jason Anderson

Detective Robert Monroe (615) 267-5445
E-mail Robert Monroe
Detective Kevin Krieb Ext.5148
E-mail Kevin Krieb
Detective Toni Harris (615) 267-5445
E-mail Toni Harris
Detective Allan Nabours Ext.5434
E-mail Allan Nabours

Detective Carlos Salcedo (615) 267-5143
E-mail Carlos Salcedo

Detective Kimberly Armstrong (615) 267-5012
E-mail Kimberly Armstrong
Detective Steve Martin (615) 267-5147
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