Police FAQ

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  • Are gravel driveways/roads being taxed?

  • Are there any possible credits available?

  • Are there any properties in the Town that do not pay a storm water fee?

  • Can I find out if there is a sex offender living near me?

  • Do I need to register my alarm for my home/business?

  • Do mosquitoes breed in the storm water ponds?

  • Does the Post Office pay a storm water fee?

  • Does the Town of Smyrna pay a storm water fee for Town owned property?

  • How does the Town currently pay for its storm water services?

  • How much money will this fee raise?

  • How often will the fee be updated/changed?

  • How will the billing process work?

  • How will you decide which storm water projects/improvements get done first?

  • I am renting an apartment or house. Do I have to pay this charge?

  • I have a detention pond on my property. Will the Utility become responsible for the maintenance of the pond?

  • I have a septic tank. Why should I pay this fee?

  • I have made inquiries of the Town regarding drainage issues on or near my property for sometime and nothing is done. Will you fix the problem now?

  • I have recently bought a new child restraint seat. I want to make sure that I have it installed.

  • I live on a farm on a huge lot and the water never runs off my site. How can you justify billing me?

  • I would like someone from the Police Department to come give a talk to a group/start a neighborhood watch.

  • I would like to compliment an officer/employee for a job well done. How do I do that?

  • I would like to learn more about the Smyrna Police Department. How do I do that?

  • I would like to make a complaint on an officer. How do I do that?

  • I would like to report a crime or a traffic issue. How do I do that?

  • If I disagree with the amount I am being charged, what do I do?

  • If I rent an apartment in the loft of a commercial building how will I be charged?

  • Is the storm water utility fee considered a tax?

  • Is the storm water utility fee legal?

  • Is this just another tax in disguise?

  • My vehicle has been impounded or seized. How do I retrieve it?

  • What happens if the Town does nothing or refuses to comply with the mandate?

  • What is a storm water utility fee?

  • What is the storm water drainage system?

  • What was the process for establishing the storm water user fee?

  • Where can I pick up a copy of a police report?

  • Who else is paying a storm water utility fee?

  • Why are churches and schools being billed?

  • Why are the storm water and sewer systems separate?

  • Why do I see multiple patrol cars on a wreck?

  • Why do we need to spend more for storm water?

  • Why have cities implemented these programs?

  • Why is this issue being addressed at this time?

  • Why should I pay for rain falling on my property?

  • Will the creation of a Storm Water Utility result in a reduction of my property taxes?