The Mapleview Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Town of Smyrna. The cemetery records are kept at Smyrna Town Hall. For information from these records or for information regarding the purchase of a gravesite at Mapleview, please call (615) 355-5782.

Spring Clean-Up Dates:   February 15th - March 1st
Fall Clean-Up Dates:       October 1st - October 15th

• All holiday, specialty, faded, broken or deteriorated items will be removed on these dates.
• All items that are removed are discarded.
• The only way to ensure personal items are not removed and discarded is to take them off prior to the cleaning period and bring them back afterward.
• The Town of Smyrna is not responsible for anything removed during cleaning.

Click to read the new Mapleview Cemetery Ordinance (effective January 2016)