Brush Service

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 Details of the Brush Service

  • The pile of brush must be left within four (4) feet of the edge of the road. This allows the crew to have access to the debris without making a mess in the resident’s yard.
  • The pile of brush must not be placed under trees, overhead wires or guy wires so that our equipment can reach it without posing a danger to the operator. Also piles must be kept away from mailboxes or other structures to avoid damage to the structure.
  • The maximum diameter of limbs is six (6) inches. Anything thicker than this will not be picked up.
  • The pile of brush can be no larger than ten (10) feet by ten (10) feet. If you think you will have more than this, consider laying out one pile for now and the other pile the next cycle.
  • The brush truck will not pick up vines, loose leaves or root balls.
  • Do not include in your pile any building materials, plastic, metal, wire, cardboard, paper or glass.
  • If you have hired a commercial tree service, have them haul off the debris. In all likelihood, they are already billing you for it. The Town of Smyrna will not pick up anything cut by a "for profit" trimming or clearing service.
  • Leaves can be picked up if they are in bio-degradable bags and placed at the edge of your yard. Loose leaves will not be picked up.
  • Do not put pile on street. If an accident occurs as a result of this, the homeowner will be liable for the damages.
  • There is no need to schedule a pickup. The town is divided into sections and one section at a time is cleaned. The length of time between pick-ups varies depending on the amount of debris in the different sections.
  • This service is provided for residential citizens only. We do not pick up at any commercial or multi-family dwellings, as approved by our Council.

Any questions? Please call us at (615) 459-9766

Leaf Collection

  • The Town of Smyrna' s leaf collection effort is one of the responsibilities of the Street Department.
  • The leaves must be in biodegradable (paper) lawn and leaf bags.
  • Only bags marked biodegradable are acceptable.
  • These bags are located at most local home improvement or hardware stores.
  • We no longer have a way to dispose of leaves in plastic bags.
  • The Town of Smyrna does not landfill leaves. They are taken to a mulching operation to be composted and mulched.
  • When your leaves are ready for pick-up, please place them at the edge of your yard and our brush/leaf removal crew will come by to pick them up.
  • In order to efficiently cover the entire town, the Street Department works one section of town at a time. There is no need to call for pick-up service.


Thank you for being patient, and we will pick up your leaves as soon as possible.