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With Fall here, we know that many residents will be cleaning their yards as leaves begin to accumulate on the ground. Occasionally, large branches will fall or an entire tree might need to be cut down. When this happens, you need a way to dispose of these limbs. Most of us may not know where to take them or have a way to haul them. Did you know that the Town of Smyrna has a curbside brush service?  It’s free to the residents of Smyrna!

This program has been so successful that the Town spends approximately $150,000 - $200,000 per year on personnel and equipment to operate this service. In 2010 the Town Council authorized the purchase of a new boom truck, which allows us to move faster than before and provide a better level of service. We do not pick up debris that is put out at any multi-family residence or commercial property. Click here for complete details about the brush service and leaf collection services.

Ice_SnowLogo_web2Winter Weather Policies and Procedures

The prime objective of snow removal for the Town of Smyrna is to establish reasonable mobility on our main streets for safe access to the hospitals and emergency routes as quickly as possible.

Level of Service:
The goal for the Town of Smyrna Public Works Department is to obtain a “dry pavement” status on each roadway on the department’s priority list. This is a goal and not an objective.  

The Primary Route is the first priority and will be cleared to a reasonable degree. There shall be no deviation from the priority list without approval of the Director of Public Works or the Public Works Superintendent. 

Click to read more about the General Rules and Guidelines

See the Tennessee Department of Transportation's list of Safe Driving Tips

Turn Around Don't Drownturn_around_logo
The Smyrna Public Works Department wants you to stay safe when there is danger of flash flooding. Turn Around Don't Drown is a campaign of the NOAA National Weather Service that warns people of the hazards of walking or driving a vehicle through flood waters.  Click here to learn more about "Turn Around, Don't Drown"


Mosquito Control
The Town of Smyrna, along with the City of Murfreesboro and Rutherford County, follows the recommendationsNoMosquito-145x148 of the Tennessee Department of Public Health and the University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service regarding mosquito control. We do not spray in right-of-ways due to health risks of the insecticide and the ineffectiveness of the process, but we do place larvicide cakes in Town of Smyrna right-of-ways where there is standing water.

The Tennessee Department of Public Health continues to recommend personal repellent spray as the most effect line of defense. Below are links to the State and U.T. websites for more information.
The Town remains in contact with the Public Health Department and will adjust our control measures if the recommendations change.