Brush Service

Details of the Brush Service

  • For the safety of our personnel operating the equipment, please make sure the brush is in one pile, left near the road, and away from trees, mailboxes, fences, utilities, and overhead wires.  Please do not leave brush in a ditch.
  • Maximum diameter for limbs is six inches.
  • The pile of brush must be placed parallel to the road and may not exceed ten feet by ten feet.
  • Please do not include vines, loose leaves, root balls, building materials, plastic, metal, wire, cardboard, paper, household garbage, or glass.
  • Leaves must be in bio-degradable bags and placed at the edge of your yard.
  • For the safety of those on the roadway, please do not place brush on the street.
  • Residents do not have to schedule brush truck pick up; the trucks cycle throughout the city.  The volume of pick-up impacts the time needed to complete each section. 
  • Brush pick-up is provided for residential citizens, not commercial properties or apartment complexes.
Any questions? Please call us at (615) 459-9766.

Leaf Collection

  • The Town of Smyrna' s leaf collection effort is one of the responsibilities of the Street Department.
  • The leaves must be in brown paper biodegradable lawn and leaf bags.
  • Only bags marked biodegradable are acceptable.
  • These bags are located at most local home improvement or hardware stores.
  • We no longer have a way to dispose of leaves in plastic bags.
  • The Town of Smyrna does not landfill leaves. They are taken to a mulching operation to be composted and mulched.
  • When your leaves are ready for pick-up, please place the brown paper biodegradable lawn and leaf bag/s at the edge of your yard and our brush/leaf removal crew will come by to pick them up.
  • In order to efficiently cover the entire town, the Street Department works one section of town at a time. There is no need to call for pick-up service.
Thank you for being patient, and we will pick up your leaves as soon as possible.

Brush Truck MapClicking below will take you to an interactive map.  There you can find a location of the brush truck service areas in the Town of Smyrna!

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