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Rent a boat out of the SOAC to take wherever you would like to paddle!
The SOAC's Paddle Adventures Boat Rental season opens May 25 and runs through October 6th with Daily, Weekend, and Weeklong rentals available. Rental options include: Kayaks, Canoes, and Stand Up Paddleboards. Visit Community Pass or call 615-459-9710 to reserve your boat!

Regular Kayak: Daily - $35, Weekend - $60
Fishing Kayak: Daily - $45, Weekend - $70
Tandem Kayak: Daily - $45, Weekend - $70
Canoe: Daily - $45, Weekend - $70
Paddleboard: Daily - $45, Weekend - $70

Monday through Wednesday: Closed
Thursday through Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: 1pm to 6pm

All renters must be 18 years or older to fill out the required rental paperwork. Rentals must also be able to transport the boats themselves. Foam roof pads are available to rent if needed.
All rentals come with the necessary equipment (PFDs, Paddles, etc.).
All rentals require a security deposit of $100 to be paid at time of pickup and must be in the form of cash or check.
Hourly rentals will be available at Jefferson Springs Recreation Area on select days during the summer. Check the SOAC facebook page for updates on when we will be there!

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