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Natural gas is a safe and reliable fuel. However, outside forces such as weather, natural disasters and third party excavation damage can cause a break in a natural gas service line, which is the underground line that runs from Smyrna’s main pipelines to the meter at your home or business. An EFV is a mechanical safety device that may be installed on a natural gas service line, and is designed to automatically shut off the flow of natural gas in the service line in the event of a significant break, puncture or severance in the line. An EFV does not protect against small leaks on the natural gas service line or gas meter or leaks beyond the meter assembly, such as those involving a customer’s house piping or customer appliance malfunction.

Based on Federal regulations effective April 2017, customers have the option to request the installation of an EFV at their expense. EFVs cannot be installed on all natural gas service lines as operating characteristics and other limitations may prevent the installation in some circumstances.
EFV InstallationUpon customer request, Smyrna Natural Gas will send a representative to the customer’s property to confirm that an EFV can be installed and prepare a cost estimate. Upon acceptance of the cost estimate and prior to installation, customers will be required to sign the EFV Request form and pay the installation costs. Smyrna Natural Gas will schedule for the installation of the EFV only after receiving the signed EFV Request form and installation costs.

The EFV installation to be performed by Smyrna Natural Gas requires Call Before You Dig Notification (811), utility marking and soil excavation on or near your property where the natural gas service line connects to the natural gas main. Natural gas service to the customer’s home or business will be interrupted for a period of time and the customer must be present for natural gas service to be restored upon completion of EFV installation.

The cost of installing an EFV on an existing natural gas service line will be the sole responsibility of the customer requesting the installation. The cost to install an EFV varies depending on the location and difficulty of the installation; however, on average, the cost to install and EFV on an eligible service line is estimated to be in excess of $950.
Contact Smyrna Natural GasTo learn more about the option of having an EFV installed on the natural gas service line for your home or business, please call (615) 355-5740, option 4.