Town Council

The Town of Smyrna is governed by a Town Council, headed up by the Mayor. Council elections are held during November of even-numbered years and administered by the Rutherford County Commissioner of Elections. Council members are elected for four-year terms with the terms staggered such that the terms expire for only three or four of them during the same election year.

 Council Member Term Expires
 Mary Esther Reed  2026
 Marc Adkins  2026
 H.G. Cole  2026
 Tim Morrell  2024
 Racquel Peebles  2024
 Gerry Short  2026
 Steve Sullivan  2024
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  • Town Council

Mary Esther Reed Mayor

I am a lifelong resident of Smyrna and have served on the Smyrna Town Council since 2003.
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Marc Adkins Vice Mayor

As a resident of Smyrna since 1970, I have had the pleasure of serving with our Smyrna Town Council since 2009.
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H.G. Cole Council Member

I have lived in Smyrna since I was six years old and attended Smyrna High School and MTSU. Read More
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Tim Morrell Council Member

My wife, Donna, and I have four children and five grandchildren. I have lived in Smyrna for over 25 years and am a graduate of Smyrna High School.
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Racquel Peebles Council Member

I was born and raised in Smyrna.  My family goes back more than  five generations in the Town and I am a graduate of Smyrna High School. Read More
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Gerry Short Council Member

I have lived in the Smyrna community for over 60 years. My wife Patty (formally Patty Floyd) and I have three sons:  Josh, Tyler, and Trenton.
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Steve Sullivan Council Member

My wife, Pam, and I have two children: Stephanie and Kevin. I've been a resident of Smyrna for 31 years and I am a 1989 graduate of Smyrna High School. Read More