Committee Application Smyrna Charity Assistance

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Town of Smyrna Committee Application
Smyrna Charity AssistanceThe Smyrna Charity Assistance Fund provides financial aid to selected nonprofit charitable organizations that provide year-round services benefiting the general welfare of the residents of the municipality, and meet the criteria established and set forth by the Town Council. The Board will be composed of six members, one of which shall be the Mayor or the appointed Mayor’s appointed Town Council designee. The remaining members will be appointed by Town Council by majority vote.

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The Charity Assistance Fund Board is scheduled to meet on the second Thursday of each month at 5:00pm at City Hall (315 South Lowry Street).

Full Address (must live within Smyrna City Limits)

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FAX to (615) 355-5715

Deliver in person to City Hall (315 South Lowry Street, Smyrna)

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